....from skin conditions to anxiety & depression,
insomnia to menopausal problems,
arthritis to IBS
Herbal medicine is natural & has more balanced
compounds than pharmaceutical drugs,
based on isolated active ingredients & therefore
far less likely to cause side effects
Many clients appreciate the power
of correctly prescribed, natural herbal medicines
dispensed by a trained medical herbalist
Our herbal prescriptions may be in the form of
tinctures, herbal glycerils, tea (dried herbs),
capsules, creams or ointments.
We only use the highest quality herbal products and
supplements, from the best UK & EU GMP suppliers.



The Natural Option, using herbs to their very best.


MRS M.A.THOMAS,Medical Herbalist, MCCP, BSc Hons., Dip. Phyt.

At  Positive Herbs, I firstly listen to you  to fully  understand your particular problem, in order to  have an  understanding of your  requirements, knowing that you need a thorough and caring natural approach.  We consider the whole person in a fully integrated way, as no part of the body works in isolation.  I provide professional advice for your particular needs after a one-to-one herbal consultation. Before you leave we prepare a natural herbal prescription consisting of herbs, and or tinctures, or extracts and professional supplements, that provide your personal specific  herbal requirements. This makes Herbal Medicine  the  natural option, that can make the difference.

Contact us by Telephone 07428 477275 for appointments, or   via the  the contact page.

All Clients notes and records are kept very securely off-line, so that they will not  be hacked or lost, it is a time when there is a lot of criminality…..with viruses, worms & bugs …………..SO is most important to keep records safe and secure.

  You can now find  Food Standards  Authority information  on our  NEWS updates page, we have decided to add the most FOOD INFORMATION, because it is  IMPORTANT ( including recalls , allergy issues, etc), it is easy to follow the link to the FSA  for latest updates, use this link  www.food.gov.uk/updates-news


The MHRA have stated that lots of  so called HERBAL products on line………. that are counterfeit, fake, unlicensed or contaminated. Remember buy products from a reliable source that are safe…………….on the internet you could be getting products that are dangerous, contaminated or fake. Some of the slimming and erectile dysfunction products can  be extremely dangerous, there are so many dangerous fake products online,why chance your health and well-being and actually pay to do that.



As a modern-thinking Medical Herbalist, I consider the whole person as well as the presenting condition, so therefore each herbal preparation is tailored to the client’s requirements, based on their presenting complaint, medical history, lifestyle and diet, taking the time to understand the whole picture.  For example, for the symptoms of the menopause , herbs can be considered, but there is no “one herb fits all”, as each woman is an individual. Many women prefer using a natural approach instead of conventional HRT, using certain herbs that have a long traditional use in hormonal conditions. There are many different herbs that can be used to cover  the hormonal aspects, as all women have differing requirements and needs. That  is why I spend the time on the Herbal Consultation to understand the full requirements and needs of the woman.

But with Premenstrual syndrome, Qualified Medical Herbalists are allowed to say that can treat the ailment, with  herbs that also have traditional use in the condition.

Remember, the MHRA  have released  a statement regarding the Lancet report on the use of HRT orthodox medicines and the risk of ovarian cancer. It is well worth going to the MHRA SITE  and reading the statement. Herbs have a very long traditional use in hormonal conditions for women.

FURTHER  Update 09/03/15, Women on HRT  pills should be aware that there is a small chance of increased risk of blood clots and strokes , according to the study.  The link was made by the International Cochrane Group, which looked at trials involving some 40,000 women.  It is a small risk…………. but should be considered.


The Herbal Consultation process takes into account your symptoms, diet and lifestyle, any drugs or supplements being used and full medical history, this gives me the whole picture of what is going on. Then I, the Qualified Medical Herbalist can use many types of herbs, preparations or supplements, to assist you with your complaint.
If the herbal prescription works as expected, a repeat prescription can be organised by Telephone or email from us, if it is required or needed.


We only use the highest quality herbal components and supplements, from the best UK & EU GMP suppliers. Also when cream making I prefer using  Grade 1’s or Organic products from UK and EU Suppliers, knowing that they are safest for use.

When making up specific capsules for clients, we insist on EU gelatine capsules that contain no animal ingredients, and fill them with GMP grade herbal powders and nothing else, so you get the real thing.

We always insist on quality ingredients, knowing clients prefer it that way………….


At the Positive Herbs Practice we are always working to understand  how herbs and conventional drugs interact. It is most important to understand the possible problems, we do not recommend self -medication with herbs, as problems can occur, because herbs have many active ingredients and some affect the way conventional drugs work. If you have any questions about herbal medicine, you can either  email us or phone during weekday normal working hours 09.00 – 17.30 Monday- Fridays. Saturdays 09.00- 13.00, all CONSULTATIONS by appointments only. Bank Holidays, we are closed

The use of Herbal Medicine, the Medical Herbalist approach.

Herbal medicine  is the oldest form of medicine known, with many herbs having been traditionally used for thousands of years.  As a Medical Herbalist I  look at  Herbal medicine as natural  and know each herb  contains many active compounds. Understanding how those compounds work is an absolute must to be able to use them correctly. Also the interactions between conventional drugs and herbal compounds  must be understood.  For instance, Hypericum compounds can interfere with the action of the contraceptive pill and antiepileptic drugs so the Qualified  Practitioner must know and understand the situation;  that is why a Herbal consultation is so important.    In experienced and qualified hands, herbs are safe and effective, BUT can be  dangerous  if used without the correct knowledge.

We can use any of the herbal products or multi-combinations listed below, to provide you with the correct preparations  for your requirements.


Liquid Herbal Tinctures And Extracts

There are hundreds of herbal tinctures and fluid extracts. They are herbal extracts  in a water/alcohol base – easy to use and store well.

Glycerol Extractions

With this method, the herb or herbs are infused into a vegetable  based glycerine / water base and are often used by clients who cannot or do not wish to drink or take alcohol, or vegans and vegetarians and have a palatable taste.

Dried Herbs and Powders

Dried  herbs can be used to make herbal teas , while Herbal powders can be put into capsules for ease of use.  + information supplied to our clients for use.

Herbal Creams And Body Butters

We  formulate and then build natural herbal  creams and body butters. Our clients prefer  handmade quality and we do not buy in base cream and add components to them. I know every ingredient in the formulation. I have restarted making body butter, with low water content to have better moisturising qualities. None of our creams contain any mineral oils.

Herbal Ointments

We make some  very old formulations  and new types + hybrids of ointment for all types of clients requirements. Some of the very old formulations are really good in application, but can take more time to  make properly, but really work well  in use.

Infused Oils

We make and stock infused  plant based seed oils for your reqirements, they are  used externally.

Lamberts Supplements

we use and supply the professional practitioner range.

Can  herbal medicine can help you?

As a  Qualified Medical Herbalist at Positive Herbs, I am able to carry out herbal consultations on the conditions below, using traditionally used herbs.    But Remember there are so many herbs around , with  active compounds that are  really useful for many different  ailments………..if you don’t see it listed ……….ask.

  • Skin: acne and acne rosacea, eczema & psoriasis.
  • Digestive system: IBS,  functional dyspepsia and associated conditions.
  • Nervous system:  depression, stress and anxiety, headaches & migraines.
  • Low immunity and recurrent infections or chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies & intolerances.
  • Respiratory system: bronchitis, catarrh and coughs, asthma & sinusitis.
  • Urinary system: irritable bladder, cystitis & prostate problems.
  • Reproductive system: PMS, menopausal problems.
  • Muscle and joint pain, arthritis and gout.
  • There are many other conditions that can be discussed with me, such as support care for cancer, using the correct herbs as an adjunct in caring for the person.

The above list is not exhaustive and if you do not see your condition listed, please contact us, we are only too happy to help.  As there are hundreds of herbs with some very clever active  compounds…………. which could be of use in your herbal consultation.

We are spending time finding some of the old herbs  that have been nearly forgotten, and started bringing them back into use, because they are still very useful in application. We bother to find old texts and understand  what, why and how they used certain herbs, and try to bring them into our work  to assist clients………..(Each herb contains many active compounds, which tend to work very well together and cause less issues in use).

Just take for example Red clover (Trifolium pratense),  the known found actives are;- Isoflavones, flavonoids, pterocarpans, coumarins, tyramine, Daidzein, formononetin,  genistein, biochaninA  and naringenin. And this is a common herb that has been used for a very long time……………..and has historical use as a deobstruent, see Dr REES EVANS information and notes

IMPORTANT INFORMATION  www.positiveherbs.com (we have owned the name positiveherbs.com since 1999) & www.positiveherbs.info. We as a Herbal Practice, have NO CONNECTION WITH ANY  COMPANY , WEBSITE OR ANY OTHER TRADING COMPANY , PUBLICATION ,ETC……..We never take card or bank details at positiveherbs.com or Positive Herbs. We are paid by cash or cheque only.

www.positiveherbs.com and our Practice  always stands  for QUALITY, ETHICS, HONESTY & RESPECT. As we consider that is the only way to be involved in Herbal Medicine, and use herbs to their very best.

EHTPA Approved


HerbMark® collective EHTPA trade mark of standards and Qualifications,

makes finding Qualified Phytotherapists and Medical  Herbalists easy,

 by seeing the collective EHTPA mark® on a Qualified Practitioners website,

  know that the person is fully qualified.

Positive Herbs  is  fully compliant to those standards.