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We only list Companies that are compliant with all UK/EU Regulations and Procedures.


The BHMA (British Herbal Medicine Association) website, (

This site has lots of useful information for the general public + information on the use of Licensed herbal Traditional Herbal Remedies, etc. So now there is a place to get helpful information on the use of herbs, that is easy to understand.



A hard working group of Qualified Medical Herbalists, who have been trained to work with the very high caring ideal to the highest standards. The office is run and organised by Pamela Bull, one of the nicest people we have ever met.

ALSO  there is a course on “discovering Herbal  Medicine“, which is accredited  by the BHMA, so if you are interested ….. Use this link  (New to understand , the what why and how of doing the course.



This website gives the American perspective on herbs and herbal use. Also there  are  Herb Monographs and a Herbal Library + Conference info. Then when you need to know about American  Herbal  Leglisation and up to date information on herbs, this is where it will be found.  A very useful site for those who need  herbal info



The company is called Original Cobblers, they can alter shoes to ORTHOPAEDIC requirements , repair shoes to the highest standards and have a vast knowledge and understanding of all aspects of shoes, We have had shoes rebuild by the company , and their work is very professional, being that they have all of the equipment to do the job thoroughly



We have tried  their toothpaste called SARAKAN, which is vegan , contains NO fluoride, NO SLS, NO colouring or PRESERVATIVES + has a great taste with no nasty chemicals, and is recommended by the British Dental Health Foundation. Have also found the SARAKAN  mouthwash on sale in Holland & Barrett , so now you know where it is available.



This company  provides a Full Licenced GMP Manufacturing Service to large suppliers+ contract manufacture that comply with all  UK and EU  Regulations.           They also can supply bottles ,containers, etc.etc

They are also there to help Qualified Medical Herbalists, who require smaller amounts + and have the “FIND A HERBALIST  LIST……………….This is a  Reliable  company.



If you use a MAC and want to control spam using  intelligent software,  this software is the absolute best. We use it for our company because it WORKS and stops lots of annoying spam appearing, by using many filters, rules, block lists and the log facility to  provide answers about what is  in the actual email + the real who and the correct sent from email address. And by fully understanding how to  use the software , it  stop spammers getting through, because it is so flexible, you  achieve  results and  have control .UPDATE, when you use the software to it’s fullest, it really stops the spammers, con artists and criminals. In the log, it actually tells you  where the email is actually from and who it actually is sending the spam, usually spammers and criminals, by using infected computers, as in intermediate dodgy means, then you can correct the log in edit log……….Then you can  use  corpus, to understand the words and methodology in their emails, so gain proper control, by using the clever “words” in blocking them in your Blocklist……………and send it straight to trash. Best of all , it is free to try and we consider it to be the thinking persons method of control………………REMEMBER , think before you open that email, because you could regret it with time…………..



This company supply all of our printing requirements, check out their website and know,. They also are very talented website designers with flair. Also we were having a problem with a WordPress Plug in, and Dave was able to sort it out quickly, even though  it is an ongoing issue within wordpress, and to get everything running smoothly, which is extremely useful when you are having problems.



We have been with this web hosting company for many years, we find them really vigilant about security, and they proved their worth when we had DoS attacks in  the past, we recommend them to people who have a website that needs to remain secure. The staff are extremely helpful and do their jobs in a secure way. Since that time we have had no issues at all, and they have also added CLOUDFLARE security  and WebAccelerate™  to their services, which can be very useful.

Also which there were issues with Mac software and security, the company has  provide help and information to stay secure, which is most important.

We consider that even as a small company , we get brilliantly reliable service and security from STORM INTERNET and their staff , they have great communication skills and understanding., and go the extra mile to get it right. We recommend them, knowing that we get good  service for our company, at a very good price………..



If you are struggling with your budget OR if you just like good food. Make sure you visit LiDL for good quality fresh produce and lots of special offers+ the Deluxe range.  We love their food and we are saving lots of money  as well. Once you get use to it, it becomes a habit………. and you are saving lots of money, but are getting good quality food for less. UPDATE With lots of price increases  and the household budget being tight, this is going to make LIDL’s  an even better option for those who are struggling with finances , to still eat proper good quality food for less, because LiDL’s believe  in good quality at the right price. And the products are sourced from British Farms and Suppliers, and we consider that to be helping to safeguard British Food.



This company really find and make proper quality tinctures, Chris makes so many of the really unusual herbal preparations. He also has an enormous range of Chinese Preparations. UPDATE The company supplied us with really good Tincture of Myrrh (as good as we previously used) + Styrax compound and Thuja 1 to 1, that I could not get anywhere else and the quality is very good + a complete range of herbal powders. SO when you need to find that preparation – consider talking to this company.



Supply very good Practitioner Tinctures and Herbalist requirements, their tinctures come in glass bottles, which stores the tincture very well. UPDATE Their latest Pelargonium tincture looks very interesting + vast range – FAST  PROMPT SERVICE . VERY GOOD QUALITY TINCTURES & EXTRACTS, VERY RELIABLE



They are now taking quality to a higher level, this includes a new range of 60 organic certified herbal tinctures, and some really high standard F.E.’s. So we are seeing more high quality products coming onto the market, at a time when some smaller companies are cutting their ranges. WITH FAST DELIVERIES BY UPS. They also supply a vast range of grade one GMP powders (which tend to come in foil packs that are resealable to give best shelf life) and also can supply the powders in capsules- That is what I call good service at a good price.  They are the only company that I know the can supply Standardised Red Yeast Rice Powder off the shelf. Our best supplier  over the years. THIS COMPANY SUPPLY  THE MOST RELIABLE TINCTURES & F/E’s



This company can supply all of your professional medical requirements and equipment needs, and have some brilliant offers. They were even able to supply us with Iodine tx, I thought that it was impossible to find ………. but they had it. A very reliable company



After having problems with our previous blender seizing up twice in a year, we now own a very well designed Vitamix Profesional 300, which is really well built, and does it all- smoothies, soups, spreads, cake mixes, ice-cream, dips and sauces, grinding seeds to powder + chopping dried herbs, using the dry jug and cutter+ lots of other interesting  things easily. So if you want a really reliable blender, that can making  food a pleasure………… you know …….. + WITH A 10 YEAR GUARANTEE. When I first purchased the blender, I asked myself “have I spent too much.” The resulting soups and ice-cream  etc are so smoothly professional…………wow. Now I think, I should have got it years ago. Update, I  whizzed down some dried Zanthoxylum  berries to put in capsules in minutes………… it made the job easy.

The engineering info, so you understand. The previous “blender”,  was badly designed i.e;- in the base of the jug receptacle there was a heating element and sealed shaft  passes through + bearings. So you know what to expect – the shaft seizes solid because of the HEAT developed from element and rotating shaft. BUT in the Vitamix blender, no heating element, instead a shaft spin speed of up to 4500 rpm(434km/H), the friction of the blades heat what you are making, it’s faster, smoother and problem free, and good engineering , THOROUGHLY built in the USA. Update , a year on……… and I am amazed at how reliable the Vitamix is, and how smooth it makes soups, etc.



This company provide some really good herbal products, which includes dry herbs and fresh field products, hydrosols, spices and seaweeds, I have just tried their calendula infused  oil and beeswax pieces in making Roman Army ointment, and the results are extremely pleasing. The company is back selling sensible amounts of organic and high quality products, for people like myself who want to build  with passion………. because the best is always the best. A REALLY ETHICAL COMPANY.



This company supply our specialist water filters, UV filters and associated equipment required. We use their 1, 5 & 20 micron inline rope  filtration  method filters and holders,  we are now changinging to Pentair cabon filters,  then a  55w UV filters for our water system+ technical advice They carry all of the requirements for water quality control and purity. Fast delivery service. N0w they have started supplying PENTAIR  HIGH FLOW CARBON FILTERS, and there is quite an improvement in water quality and better taste., and the filters fit in the holders.



This company can supply some of the best water pumps available, they are a stockist for STEEL PUMP range and all of the associated equipment required in water movement and supply. They have assisted me with a specialist pump and with some very good working knowledge, which I consider to be invaluable. So if you need to talk to real technicians, you know where to go find good service and expertise IN Rainwater Harvesting. Update the pump is very reliable and is giving great service, with no problems, because the pump has bronze bushes – so better running life with less problems…………………so as Confucius stated , you actually get what you pay for…………………………………

Also they supply the full OSMO range, for wood protection. We use their Osmo range on our work tops – knowing we are using the safest products. Great service  and fast delivery.



This company carry out TVC, PET.TMPh1 – PET. TMPh5 and all of the other specialist tests required by “professional” product makers. We use this companies services to test our creams (water soluble emulsions)+ their expert feed back that can make the difference in my formulation strategy



The professional practitioner range of supplements that incudes;- vitamins, minerals and combinations, amino acids, digestives, multis, essential fatty acids and other nutrients + some THR herbal remedies. We have used the company for many year and have found the products and service to be very good. Easy ordering with a fast delivery service.



We have returned to this supplier, because they have consistently supplied us with really good quality glass bottles and jars, and can only say that we find their service reliable.



This company can provide some of the best Local Scottish Sea weed meal and Volcanic mineral rock dust for soil improvement + lots of other products for those who wish to grow without lots of chemicals. The results speak for themselves, we are growing better plants naturally, and then use them to make herbal ingredients.



This company has the answer to all of the weighing problems, like the scales for measuring between .001g – 600g, or measuring your clients weight acurately + everything in- between. They have a re-calibration service for those who want to be accurate. A very nice company to deal with. UPDATE we find the scales very useful for checking average content powder weights in capsules, etc , so to be able to get exact doses.



When I really require special Essential Oils , I talk to this company and get all of the information that I require. FAST DELIVERY SERVICE.


 .LYCO  (  

A very good company for all lighting requirements, they have a massive range of lighting and associated products, with a reliable guarantee.. We use their LED  bulbs, fittings, etc  and they are really good quality and reliable. And remember that LED  BULBS, ETC,   save lots of energy cost in actual running.



This is another company that we have used for many years. They supply the best quality stainless steel presses and filtering equipment for;- tincture , glycerol, cream and ointment making. So if you are involved in making your own components, these are the people you should be talking to.



This company produces the very BEST Rosa Damascena oils. The rose petals come from the Valley of the roses resulting in a wonderful essential grade1 oils. I have used Rose essential oils for many years in cream making, and I must admit that I find the Bulgarian oils to be the very best. The oils are certified as being a Bulgarian Quality Product, so the Quality is always maintained. Some rose oils are composite blends or mixes, but never have the perfume / duration as the very best. That is why we use only Bulgarian Rose essential oils and Aromatic waters. I adore using such wonderful oil, to produce something that is so beautiful.