Cream vs. Ointments .
We have decided to make sure that our creams and ointments are;-
  • Safe,  by using  the safe ingredients, that you fully understand , by doing step trial to achieve its best use in application.
  • Using ingredients that actually work to improve the action of the whole preparation.
  • Searching and finding the safest / best up to date natural ingredients to use in  formulation and making.
  • Always working  towards  constant improvements in formulation.
  • Best practice methods and fully tested (not tested on animals).

I am asked, why do you need a preservative…………to stop bacteria and mould GROWING, remembering that the higher the water content , the harder it becomes.


So;- if you build an ointment with zero water content, IF IT IS BUILT CORRECTLY, YOU SHOULD NOT NEED A PRESERVATIVE, and it should last  years if stored properly or if you are building creams, for “natural” products, the water content should be as low as possible, in doing this it is easier to preserve .So understanding how to use and balance ingredients is an absolute must……….. That is why step trials are so useful to understand how each ingredient works.


I worked  for another for another practitioner, , who wanted low viscosity,”light”preparations using 100% natural ingredients. After many step trials and  testing…….. I have  proved it is not possible, so now have stopped working on that strategy BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK. So I have had to changed to a high  viscosity, using higher wax and oil ratios to provide<10 in EU type testing+ changed natural preservation components  that can pass testing and work properly. And remember you want something that is going to feel good in application, plus actually do what it is supposed to do, as in moisturise  or what ever is required. Ask yourself, do some of the “new ” preparations actually do this? But remember with very high percentage natural creams,  the preservative works, but they do not have preservation equal to the chemicals  that are used by the larger makers, which give the product its guaranteed shelf life. So now you understand what is going on + what is possible

Others have also recommended using high ratio essential oil  products, BUT they tend to have an extremely high odour, which is a real problem if you are building a product with a delicate fragrance, so that is another non-starter…………………


I have just started to making Body butters naturally again, they have a really good  moisturising quality………this is because there is less water content, BUT more oil, waxes and active ingredients, that are useful in skin care.


I am now using Coconut refined-Pillppines grade 1 oil from William Hodgson & Co; in my latest formulation, it makes the cream formulation very creamy and smoo-oth, OK it is not cheap, but the finished product is excellent. When you enjoy quality, you will know what I mean……………….we have just started using it in body butter with other waxes, and I must admit that I am pleased with the results.


The latest work on the “double shea product”, is nearly there, the working feel is very smooth.


As  of 11th JULY 2013  COSMETIC PRODUCTS, will be required to pass  the EU REG.1223/2009+have a full safety assessment carried out by an independent assessor, that will be interesting………………


We have been building cream and ointments to special requirements for about 15 years for clients and trials for other companies. I have listed below some information , so that you know how  I make creams and ointments properly. With the  changes in ASA CAP RULES  and the 2012 EU / UK Regulations we can no longer give full lists of cream and ointment types that we build, but if you need specially built preparations , you can contact us and become a client and we will be able to build your preparations to your needs and requirements.


We now only make creams  that are natural and safe This was brought about by our clients  asking ” how can you  say a cream is “natural” if it contains chemicals like;-  Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Dehydoacetic acid, Mineral oils, MI, SLS + hybrid  chemical cocktails, and many other chemicals that can have long term side effects (even using small doses of certain chemicals over a long period can be problematic)”. So understanding  that they want safe products, that they can trust –  we changed because we agree, as there are now better natural ingredients. That are better in application.


UPDATE (26/9/13) Some of these chemical preservatives are now causing problems, in particularMI…….So now bigger makers are changing to other preservatives………….remember what I said about long term side effects.


To see my latest cream information, go to the cream tab.


 For information on HERBAL products problems, there are 2 very good sites that  keep you informed, they are  MHRA  and  BHMA.