The  herbal consultation process makes sure that you are using the right herbs,
with  professional  advice and information.

Marie Thomas, Qualified Medical Herbalist  BSc (Hons),
Member of  College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy,   Dip.Phyt.

My first Consultation with you, which is a requirement under UK Law- THE HUMAN

At the first herbal consultation process with you as a client, I go through a complete medical history, together with the presenting symptoms, which usually takes from 90 mins., up to 2 hours (to fully understand underlying and current health  issues).  Included in the discussion are diet and lifestyle factors, which may have a bearing on the condition. I do ask  the client to provide details  of any orthodox medicines that they are currently taking, as this may influence the herbal medicine I consider correct, due to the possibility of certain herb/drug interactions. Also I like to have details of any vitamin/mineral supplements or herbal products that they may be taking, which can also affect what I use in my herbal prescription.

Then a non-evasive physical examination can be carried out, if necessary, and the client’s pulse and blood pressure are measured as a matter of course. At the end of the herbal consultation, I make up a herbal prescription for them, which may be in the form  of tinctures, herbal glycerils, tea (dried herbs), capsules (EU certifed vegicaps) filled with powdered herb(s) or creams/ointments. If there is a choice of type of product, the client’s preferences are taken into account.

I usually make up a herbal prescription to last 2-3 weeks, and see the client again after that time to assess the results of my work with  them  and any diet/lifestyle changes that have been made. Whether or not any modification to the herbal prescription is needed, the follow-up herbal consultation is usually after 3-4 weeks. But if the herbal prescription works as expected, then only a repeat herbal prescription will be required and this can be communicated and ordered by telephone,  also secondary herbal consultations can be made by phone, as we have your notes.

In some cases, the effects occur after quite a short time, sometimes just a few days. However with some chronic conditions that have been ongoing for a long time, it may take much longer (2-3 months) for changes to become  apparent. These changes, although taking longer than orthodox treatments, are usually longer lasting because herbal preparations act by helping the body balance itself by its own healing powers and achieve positive results.

In some cases, if I believe that the condition is too serious to be covered by herbal medicine alone, I will refer the client back to their GP or another orthodox professional-(This is a requirement of the Human Medicine Regulations 2012 UK).  In some cases, clients come to me after seeing no positive results from orthodox medicine, which is the “one fits all” approach. Herbal medicine can work  in combination with orthodox treatment.

In the hands of a Qualified Medical Herbalist, such as myself, a client can be assured of natural help that is tailored to their own particular case, and is not a mass produced one. The process should involve the client, the medical herbalist and the  herbal preparation, all working together, and offering constructive advice that provides positive answers.

BUT when you self diagnose and or  buy products from the internet, you can  be purchasing  fake , or dangerous products with the wrong amount of actives, that can also be contaminated with absolutely anything. Do you think  dodgy websites , are interested in anything else  other  than  your money. You could be paying to damage your health.

Consultation costs

Initial Consultation: £45
( Those on benefits or under 18’s: £30)

Follow-up consultation, if necessary  £20
(Those on benefits or under 18’s: £15)

Herbal Medicines prices: dependent on  herbal prescription requirements

We are an ethical company and as such we offer discounts in herbal consultation fees,etc to  – the young and those on income support and disability allowances.
We expect  24 hours notice, for any appointment cancellations.

020 8300 1874 or herbal-apothecary@outlook.com