The types of Safe Medicinal Herbs  used  by Qualified  Medical Herbalists,  to prepare individual herbal Prescriptions for our clients’ needs, because each person is an individual with their own requirements…………. We use EU gmp grade herbs.

Herbal extractions in vegetable glycerine

Used by clients who cannot or do not want to use alcohol based tinctures, or vegan and vegetarians. We make our own glycerols  to the highest standards for clients + I make them using the 90 day maceration method, people “know” the difference, Thymus is the prime example, when made for 90 days it has a really dark colour and the taste is wonderful and palatable.  SO GIVING THE CLIENT CHOICES………………..

 Update , I have been asked if it is possible to speed up the process of making good glycerils, using heat . Well these are my comments;- OK heat can speed up the whole process………….. but can cause caramelisation of certain compounds in the mix , and SO CHANGES the compound state and so making the actions of use different. But with certain herbs , OR the heat can destroy the active compounds, some volatile compounds  are very sensitive………………… so the old method is better.    I prefer making for 90 days, turning the receptacle every day. So I adhere to the WELL TRIED METHODS., and know what I am doing is correct.  Take for instance Red  clover , Althaea rad or Thyme, the results are outstanding

Herbal Tinctures & Extractions

This is the most common way of supplying our clients with herbal extractions via an alcohol/water based tincture, they tend to be about 25% alcohol content – but the probable dose is 2 x 5mls doses per day, the medical herbalist will decide the correct dose.We stock 300+ herbal tinctures and 1/1 Fluid Extracts for our clients’ preparations as singles or combinations, they store very well in use and are easy to take. Also we build a few unusual tinctures for our clients requirements, that are not often used now – BUT are still very effective.

To be able to supply our clients individual requirements

Creams, Body-butters & proper formulations

We make our own to the highest standards, these tests are not carried out on animals. We have been working to remove suspect components that worry us, to be able to provide the safer option. As the cream maker I know every component in the preparation, I start with lots of ingredients and then formulate and then build something that I am proud of making. We do not buy in the bases and then add ingredients to them, or use mineral oils , because our clients have become use to having quality creams using organic and grade one products.


They tend to be used in chronic conditions, and tend to have hi ratio of plant extract actives. I build some very old ointments , going back to Roman and  Monk formulations.& some of them are still very effective in use………………

Extracted plant seed oils

We can supply herb infused oils to our client for their requirements , full information given. One of the very best is Hypericum oil and is blood red and has an old name of “St. John’s-wort oil “+ has so many uses, and has been used since the beginning of time The oils used are organic or grade 1″s and are supplied by our recommended suppliers.

Dried Herbs  &  Extracts

Tend to be used to make “teas” and sometimes can be used to make a poultice for application. Using teas as a method of taking herbs can be warming and sometimes even cooling and are useful for clients who cannot or do not wish to use ALCOHOL based extractions,they will be given full information on use and doses.

Herbal Powders & Capsules made to the clients requirements

We use a professional capsule filler so that we can prepare vegetable gelatine capsules (EU certified vegicaps) faster and more accurately for our clients, this makes the capsules cheaper and are filled with 100% herbal powders with no preservatives or fillers, so you get what you are paying for. The use of herbal filled capsules will replace a lot of herbal tablets and are easier to use and take while being on the move. Vegans find them very useful. We stock many powders, and can use them for our clients preparations.


The Professional Lamberts Practitioner range. The full range of supplements  for Practitioner use, high quality  and very reliable…………………. we supply them to our clients as part of the Herbal Prescription